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So how does it feel when you are playing Basketball to come down from a slam dunk and land on concrete? It is not good for your body, and Basketball’s governing body FIBA recognizes this. That’s why PowerGame is the ONLY outdoor court surface they approve for Basketball. You can play international Basketball competitions on PowerGame - there isn't anything else you can do this on outside!

The world's top basketball pros know they can rely on PowerGame to deliver them an outdoor basketball court surface that is just like the timber floors in the stadiums. Basketballers such as Shaquile O'Neil are so confident in PowerGame that it is his choice for his own basketball court surface at home!  

These pros know that PowerGame's 16 mm construction height will give them significant shock absorption to ease the stress on their bodies when they play hard. They know that the ball rebound is just like a timber floor, and that the ball will come back to them just where they want it.

They know that it's a court surface that they won't have to waste any time maintaining, and that backed by a 10 year warranty, they will have years of trouble free enjoyment. It won't crack or need resurfacing, and will look good for years.

It's ideal for school or community basketball courts as well, and installed all over the world for the enjoyment of all.



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