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Is PowerGame hard to maintain?

No, in fact it is one of the lowest maintenance sports court surfaces available in the world. It doesn’t need weekly grooming and annual servicing like synthetic grass, and doesn’t crack or need resurfacing every few years like an acrylic hard court. Its open surface allows debris to fall through, and moss or algae can’t grow on it. In fact, pretty much all you need to do to clean it is wait for the rain!


How long is the warranty?

The PowerGame surface is covered by a 10 year warranty. However this is not a new prouct, and courts installed in the 1980’s around the world are still in use.


Is the surface UV Stable?

Yes. There are a high level of UV stabilizers in PowerGame so you don’t need to worry about UV breakdown.


What happened if the court surface is damaged?

Accidents can happen some times, but repairs are simple. You can just remove the damaged section and replace it. You can easily do it yourself and don’t need any expensive professional team to come out.


Can I rollerskate on a PowerGame court?

Your sport, our court! Of course, it’s no problem. PowerGame is also used for Roller Hockey so skates, bikes and scooters are no problem.


What happens with Games posts?

The PowerGame surface can facilitate posts in a number of ways. You can cut the tiles to fit the profile of the post for a snug fit if the posts are permanently installed. You can remove and replace a tile if you prefer to provide an invisible changeover, or we can use a traditional drop in or hinged cap system.


How do the edges of a PowerGame court look?

It depends on what you want to do and your installation. Many facilities will finish the surface under the bottom rail of the fence. A simple, cost effective and invisible operation. Alternatively, we can supply you with ramped edges. You can simply click these in place and they will complete the court with a height transition from the court base to the court surface over only 40mm. Perfect for wheeled access.


Is a PowerGame surface appropriate for my sport?

Chances are,  PowerGame is recommended for your sport. It is the most certified outdoor surface in the world with international approval for sports such as Basketball, Futsal, Badminton, Volleyball etc etc.  When the guys who make the rules are happy enough to play top level competition on PowerGame, you can be sure it is suited for all levels.


What type of base is needed for PowerGame?

Bascially, as long as it’s hard and flat, you are in business. Typically a base of concrete or asphalt is ideal. You can install over an old hardcourt, an existing carpark, an area of pavers or tiles…the list goes on. We can help you determine if your intended base is appropriate.


It’s a big investment, but what happens if we have to move?

No problem. Take the court surface with you. It doesn’t matter if you are moving your home court, or relocating a commercial stadium as the lease has run out. Just pack up the court, put it on a truck and take it to your new venue.


Got another question we didn’t cover? Email us and we can help answer it for you.




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